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Our Culture

At Winome, culture is driven by the following tenets:


We have always put our people before anything else. We make continuous efforts to provide a sense of community, security and mutual trust. We treat our associates with warmth, dignity and respect.

Nurture Merit

We believe that acknowledging and appreciating effectiveness at the given responsibility is the key to fostering merit. Across all levels, we percolate values of active listening, timely feedback, and mutual respect and support. We entrust responsibility and opportunity solely on the basis of potential and attitude.

Customer Focus
We take responsibilities beyond the immediate deliverables. At the base of our success lies the deep understanding of the customer’s time, cost and quality expectation. For the world, customer focus has become an overused term. For us, this commonplace term forms the core of our Value system. We value our customers as much as we value our success.
We like to be ethical, fair and forthright in all our endeavors; openness not just in the sharing of knowledge across the organization, but also in terms of respecting the feedback given by our people.
Continuous Improvement
We have always maintained that learning, in the true sense of the word, is what it takes to be achievers. We take measures to consistently improve our knowledge bank as well as our attitude and skill base. We have always cultivated a need for constant progress in our associates.

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