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GIS Applications

This application is an information system for capturing, storing, analyzing, managing and presenting data which are spatially referenced.

In the strictest sense, it is any information system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically referenced information. In a more generic sense, GIS applications are tools that allow users to create interactive queries (user created searches), analyze spatial information, edit data, maps, and present the results of all these operations.

Our services within 2D and GIS applications include the following:


Data conversion and geo-referencing

Winome handles conversion of spatial data both automatic and manual. Maps are geo-referenced to adjust co-ordinates and scales for further applications.


Cadastral mapping and management

We create and update multipurpose land information systems.


Positional accuracy improvement (PAI)

PAI is a unique way of mapping any area on the basis of old digital maps of different scales. The PAI tool has been developed in-house to perform the job effectively.


We also provide GIS and remote sensing services for the following applications:


Land use, change detection and real world changes

We develop effective tracking systems for identification of any changes in spatial information over a period of time in order to organise and update the data, for modeling as well as for predicting different situations.


Natural resources management

GIS is an obvious tool in natural resource management. Wasteland management and creation of forest management information systems are some of our core expertise areas. We also offer presentation of state of environment and environmental management plans for industries.


Automated mapping and facility mapping

The core service is provision of mapping solutions for the utility industries like transport, electricity, water supply and telecommunications.

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